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The Phillips Hartman Group provides world class expertise in personal finance management. Our mission is to help our clients structure their finances in the most secure and tax efficient manner possible. Through personal consultation and ongoing management, the team at Phillips Hartman provides the best financial planning advice available to its clients all around the world.

With a wealth of experience in all fields of personal financial planning and investment, the team at Phillips Hartman recognises that a personalised approach to financial planning and wealth management is not only necessary but an essential part of its clients’ everyday lives.

An increasingly active mobile lifestyle and with many clients moving from country to country during their working lives and beyond, means professional help from a company that understands the international financial planning landscape has never been more important. The increasing complexity of international and local tax and legal systems makes a global financial services company with access to local expertise a vital asset. Phillips Hartman ensures that its clients’ wealth is managed and protected as effectively as possible.

With headquarters in Moscow and partners around the globe, the Phillips Hartman Group is ready and able to help its clients wherever they are.


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